Carlye Cannon

Carlye Cannon is a builder, designer, and artist out of Eugene Oregon. She has worked in the festival industry building for about 6 years and has been drawn to the arts since she was a child. Believing that the foundation of design and creation is curiosity, she continues to learn and build with varying materials and styles that feed the imagination. She hopes her creations foster that idea in others and will usher their innovation. Her heart lies not only in the art and design of the work, but with the collaborative process and community that is at its core. She is thankful to all those who have supported this vision and to all those who have inspired her own curiosity.

Caitlin O'Rourke

Caitlin O'Rourke is an artist based out of Eugene, Oregon with a background in many mediums. Her specialties include pop surrealism paintings using acrylic paints. Taking inspiration from old religious art and iconography, she works with the female figure as her main subject. Most of her paintings have an other worldly feel. She is currently working on a full Tarot deck painting series, focusing on pagan themes and old world gods. Her other mediums include clothing design with extensive experience in silk screening, pattern drafting, and textile design. She mainly works with hand dyed and printed cotton or silk. Additionally, she has done work in mixed media, with the main focus on shadow boxes using photography, found objects, and illustrations. The unifying factor of her work is using various aging techniques to give the pieces a feel of vintage portals to another time.

Amanda Langley

Amanda Langley is a programmer, musician, and digital artist living in Eugene, Oregon. She enjoys working within the intersection of technology, art, and sound to create immersive experiences. She looks forward to a future of artists using technological advancements to encourage social interaction with shared, mind-altering experiences. After completing a Bachelor’s in Computer Science in 2013, she worked as a software engineer and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Intermedia Music Technology at the University of Oregon. Here, she focuses on installation art, 3D sound design, and multiplayer virtual reality games.

Tiana "T" Husted

Tiana Husted is an emerging sound artist based out of Eugene, OR. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Music Technology at the University of Oregon, where she predominantly focused on experimenting with creating both aurally and visually immersive environments through sensor-based art. Her work is often the amalgamation of organic and technological elements. Using audio samples of both nature and mundane objects, she seeks to connect the natural and digital worlds.

Lindsay Swing

Lindsay studied general science at the University of Oregon. She is a self taught artist, with an emphasis in scientific artwork, focusing on illustration and sculptural pieces incorporating found biological oddities such as bones and insects. A love for abandoned treasures led to an obsession with vintage windows, which she now uses as the primary canvas for her illustrated work. She employs free hand manual etching techniques to create each piece. All of her pieces are created from salvaged and collected objects, creating a unique challenge every time.